Bridges are structures that play an essential role in the creation of a safe and pleasant road network. Bridges link areas divided by rivers and rail lines. However, it is also conceivable that once damaged by a natural disaster, a bridge could affect the road, river, or rail line over which it crosses as a result of a secondary disaster. Therefore, bridge safety is of the utmost importance.

Through improvements such as the replacement of old bridges and construction of new ones, the Bureau aims to strengthen the road network in areas that include raising the level of seismic resistance and weight bearing capacity, eliminating traffic bottlenecks, and securing the safety of evacuation and transport routes for when a disaster strikes.

In addition to projects currently underway on the Matsuebashi Bridge which crosses the Asakawa River and the Wakashiobashi Bridge which crosses the Tennozu South Canal, the Bureau is studying projects such as the Todoriki Ohashi Bridge (tentative name) which will straddle the border between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture in preparation for the start of construction.

In fiscal 2013, a project to replace the Sekidobashi Bridge was approved and is moving forward.

OKoremasabashi Bridge opened to traffic in June 2012 (principal local road Kawasaki Fuchu Route)


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